Find Peace

When you know God loves and cares for you, life begins to feel more stable and much less scary.


Do you say things like, “I’m so stupid”? Negative affirmations don't reflect the truth. Let's replace them.


Allow me to share 60 biblical affirmations to retrain our brains, along with a few thoughts on each one.

Creativity & Bible

Embrace God's word according to how you are made: left-brained analytical or right-brained creative.

Messy Lives

 Joseph and Mary experienced shame, an unmarried pregnancy, doubts, poverty, and childbirth during travel. They also fled as fugitives and lived as refugees.

God Loves You

Open your heart to a more intimate connection with God and experience the full reality of His amazing love.

Kindle and ePub

Only for Kindle (at this time)

Abundant Life

If you're doing all the right things as a Christian and you're still not growing, you can get unstuck.

Bible Overview

Walk through the pages of history for a perspective on how the parts of the Bible flow as one continuous story of what God is doing in the world.


Does your prayer time seem one-sided? You can change your monologue into a dialogue by using these 90 devotionals as conversation starters with God.

Book 1

Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, lost their parents, their homes, and their city so they set off in search of dragon’s treasure.

Book 2

When Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, try to spy on the tyrant king, they are captured as traitors.

Book 3

Peter faces the disappearance of a friend; a dragon bent on revenge; a call for help from an ally; and a horde of barbarians on the march for his city.

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